Is it Cool

Is it cool if I sat here and lied to you?

Is it cool if I only hug you because you’re constantly in my arms?

Is it cool that when we have sex I think of her?

Is it cool that every time we talk I compare you to her?

Is it cool to pretend that I love you just so that I wouldn’t be lonely?

Is it cool if she came back I left you without explaining myself?

Is it cool that even though we’re together she’s all I think about?

Is that cool?

It’s not cool. But I did ask if it’s cool if I could lie to you. So that was all a lie.

I don’t think it’s cool, in fact this is why I can not be with you or anyone. I wouldn’t do this to anybody because they don’t deserve that, If I can’t give them 100% of my dedication then I am not ready.